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We are ready to take you on a deep adventure into this world, your soul, what exactly you are, how to experience freedom and joy and maybe even travel outside of your body!  We will explore the basis of this existence, the creation and positive manipulation of the world around us, your personal experience and deep philosophical ideas and techniques to let go of your your blocks to truly experience freedom and bliss in ALL situations.  It's completely your choice when you make the commitment to yourself and we will give you the tools to do so!  This is a retreat for friends who are ready to make some big shifts in how they perceive their worlds and are ready to experience the magic that comes along with that release!  This retreat is a great fit for people of any or no faith- the principles hold true in all variations of spiritual aspects.  Join us for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful North Carolina mountains! 

In-Depth Classwork and Meditations

We will take a deep dive into the ideas of consciousness, how the universe operates and how YOUR thoughts and ideas affect the world around you.  We will then identify ideas and thoughts that may be holding you back from experiencing freedom and abundance in your life and work with tools that help you to change the situation and your own feelings within the very moment things are occurring for immediate relief and ultimate positive outcome. We will explore the various energy bodies and explore who we really are and what we are made of above and beyond this body.  

Release Through Art and Music

Through art and dance, we will investigate and observe what it feels like to trust inner guidance over outer opinion.  Tapping into the true sense of freedom, which comes from within, the dance of life will be choreographed between the interaction of body, hand, paint brush and inner self.

All Meals and Snacks Included

We have hired a talented local chef who will provide nutritional meals that compliment any eating style.  Derick enjoys vegan, Lisa enjoys vegetarian and Leah enjoys keto/carnivore lifestyles so there is something for everyone!  Snacks, water, coffee and tea will be provided throughout the day each day.  

Astral Travel, Yoga, Breathwork and More!

Because this is a deeper retreat, we will experiment with sound baths, astral travel and more to enhance the meditation and life experience.  You will receive an introduction to the energy bodies and how to sense them as well as practice getting into the vibrational state that typically preempts astral journeys.  Daily opportunities for transformational breathwork and easy flow yoga are also available for your enjoyment!  There will be three in-person guided meditations each day from which you can choose or enjoy them all for the maximum experience!   

Many activities for you to enjoy outside of class time!

We have a variety of fun activities for you to enjoy such as a group movie night with spiritual discussions on popular movies, evening fireside chats, private journaling or meditation time and nature walks in the beautiful North Carolina mountains!  We will have complimentary BioCharger (Rife and Tesla technology to induce relaxation and rejuvenation) and DreamSpa (NASA light therapy for trance and more rejuvenation) to enjoy.  You'll have time for enjoying the sauna, hot tub and even the pool if weather permits!  Plenty to do in your downtime or if you choose to step outside the scheduled events- this is your time to make the most out of your experience!  

Optional Services to Enjoy

Optional specialty experiences such as massage, Akashic Records readings, Reiki with Silvers Modality healing sessions, tarot card readings and more are available for an additional cost.

Level Up Retreat

May 1-5, 2022

Franklin, NC

Or Check Out Your Gorgeous Accommodations

Your retreat package includes a four-night stay in the beautiful North Carolina mountains where you will enjoy luxury accommodations to accompany your magical journey to the depths of yourself and beyond!

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NOTE:  we are keeping this retreat intimate for the highest possibility for expansion so many of the rooms are shared.  If you have hesitation to share a room, rest assured that this retreat will get you through that hesitation as you let go of those types of thoughts! :) This is a VERY special opportunity to join for a unique and life-changing retreat.  Let this be a time you work with your mind for allowance of all that is!



Derick is one of the most sought after Performance Mindset Coaches in the world.  Derick was the first athlete to score the famous "four point shot" for the Harlem Globetrotters and has been featured on TEDx.  Derick works with various professional athletes utilizing his ability to develop a human being to reach their highest potential.  Read more about our transformation team here.



Leah was living life as a corporate lawyer until she was gifted with a life threatening illness that brought her to the depths of this Universe.  Leah owns multiple businesses and has traveled the world introducing concepts of quantum physics, deep inner peace, healing and creation/play in a tangible and practical way.  Read more about our transformation team here.

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Lisa has a deep understanding of what it means to let go and be free.  She has masterfully incorporated the notion of art and play to help others release barriers to the dance of life.  Lisa utilizes popular music and freestyle creativity to encourage expression of truth from deep within.  Learn more about our transformation team here.

Sample Daily Itinerary

Of course things are flexible as we ride the ride of this experience but this is a good example of how the days might go.

Keep in mind that this is YOUR retreat so you are free to join any activity you'd like or you may take your own time to explore the mountains, journal/meditate, enjoy one of our optional activities or more.  You will receive a detailed itinerary when you arrive. This is your time to focus within and get the most out of your investment in yourself!


Arrive at your luxury accommodations and get settled into your gorgeous room before a fresh and delicious welcome meal where you meet the group with which you are about to explore the deep facets of life.  After dinner, we will discuss the energy bodies and an introduction to astral travel complete with initial meditation to experience the vibratory state.  The evening will end with a crystal bowl sound bath and new moon intention setting for the rest of the week.

Monday through Wednesday

We will start each day with the opportunity to enjoy transformational breathwork and flow yoga followed by a light and delicious breakfast.  Derick will lead the first "classroom" sessions and will discuss such topics as the secrets of Hermetic, Spiritual and Biblical philosophies (broken down into easily understood discussion), how they relate to the reality we observe and how they are incorporated into your life experience.  You will have time to enjoy nature, a sauna session, private time... whatever you'd like to do prior to a group meditation and then lunch.  After lunch, Leah will start her sessions which are personalized as you take a look at your own thoughts and how your mind might be interacting with the world and how we can loosen your grip so you experience a free flow of magic. Later in the day, Leah will also lead deeper discussions into astral travel and the energy bodies.  After a little more free time and a delicious dinner, evenings might include fireside discussions, movies demonstrating concepts discussed during the day and group meditations and healing sessions. Lisa will sprinkle in sessions that allow you to enjoy various forms of art and music including painting, ecstatic dance, lyrical interpretation and more.  You'll have plenty of time throughout the retreat to enjoy any of the optional activities as well.  


We will enjoy another brilliant morning of meditation/breathwork/yoga before closing ceremonies over breakfast.  We will discuss anything the group wants to dive deeper into before ending the retreat around 11 am local time.


Your investment includes the full life-changing retreat, your luxury accommodations and all meals and snacks during the retreat.  We purposely have a limited space for the utmost in expansion so these rooms will go quickly!





$1,598 pp 
Double Occupancy


$1,648 pp 
Double Occupancy
with private bath

Single Occupancy


Single Occupancy with private bath

Mountain Landscape


$1,498 pp 
shared bed within bunk set


private bed within bunk set



$1,555 pp 
shared bed in shared room


private king bed in shared room


Sunset Over Forest


two twin beds in one room

(only one room avail)

$1,598 pp

Mountain Landscape


Up to 8 persons in four twin bunk beds

$1,325 pp

PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE:  You may submit a $500 non-refundable down payment to hold your space with half of the remaining balance automatically drawn on March 29th and then the remaining balance automatically drawn on April 15th.

Ready to go?!  There are only a few spots so request your reservation today!

Submit your contact information here as well as your room preference and one of our staff will reach out to you within 24 hours to secure your reservation.  You may also utilize this form for any questions.

Thank you for your request. We will reach out to you shortly!
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