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Level-Up Retreat FAQs

Please peruse the below "frequently asked questions".  We will continually add more questions as they are asked..  Feel free to message us on the contact form on the Retreat main page with anything else you'd like to know and we will email you or give you a call as you prefer!

Why is the retreat called "Level-Up"?  Am I on a lower level?

No way- our premise is that you cannot be anywhere but exactly where you are supposed to be at any given time in your experience.   There are no mistakes here.  We are looking to connect with souls who are ready to live (like truly commit to) the magical and gifted life that is the birthright of every being.  Regardless of the story of your past or where you are now, you are an unbelievably Divine being who has capabilities beyond your wildest dreams that you've hidden in plain site all this time. This retreat is for all of us to take our mindsets to the level where we remember absolute truth and trust in who and what we are and we will explore all of those capabilities together.  The goal is to help each participant recognize their highest state at this time- removing fear and any other blocks so we can experience the wholeness and expansion of all that is on this great planet!  This means that we are conscious of how we think, how we speak and how we affect and are affected by "others" in our experience (we will create such a game and fun experience with everybody we know or will meet- you have no idea how freeing that can be until you dedicate yourself to giving it a try!).  There are many tools to truly live a free and authentic life and we will enjoy working with many of them!  We hope you will commit to yourself to live to your highest level!

What type of food will be served at the retreat?

Our chef will provide nutritious and fresh food to satisfy most all dietary needs.  Food options will be agreeable with vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, keto/carnivore style diets.  If you have a special allergy or dietary need, kindly let us know on your introductory survey and we will communicate with you directly about our ability to meet your needs.  

I saw a reference to Biblical texts, will discussions be based on a particular religion or will they go against any religion?  

Absolutely not!  Each member of our retreat team has the utmost respect for ALL religions (or lack thereof).  The texts that we will reference are sewn together with common hints and threads of our mystical world regardless of the ultimate belief in any particular deity and our goal is to unite all of these teachings to find consistencies that may even coincide with current understandings in quantum science.  All points of view are respected and the discussions will focus on neutral understandings and not profess any truths with respect to any Divine actors or stories. There are incredible truths hidden within spiritual texts that open up our minds to a deeper appreciation for our individual beliefs.  We will be playing with varying interpretations of spiritual texts but these are up for discussion and not presented as truth or dogma.  When you see how everything fits together, it becomes quite a magical unveiling!

What exactly will we be doing for the art and music portions of the retreat?

Lisa will lead us in various forms of art and dance.  One session may include painting a picture without having a specific outcome in mind (what it is you are actually painting) and not caring if you are closer to Picasso or a Kindergarten child in your style.  You will work with just having fun and feeling the next move as opposed to focusing on the end result.  Dance sessions may include forms of ecstatic dance or an exercise where you'll dance in the dark to lose focus what you may look like or how others may see you to truly let go and intuitively flow.  Other activities include looking into lyrics of popular music and seeing them in a completely different way. 

Are all activities in the retreat required attendance?

Nope- this is an investment in yourself and you are completely free to participate how you see fit.  Feel free to go out for an extended nature hike or enjoy time to journal or meditate privately during an activity. This is your time- enjoy!

How does the shared room or bed option work?

If you choose a shared bed option, you will either have a friend with whom you'd like to share a bed or we will pair you with a person of the same sex with whom you will share the bed.  If you typically don't share a bed or room with "strangers" we ask you to consider the value of this retreat and how such things won't matter much once we dive into it all.  You will likely  even end up enjoying this little camp style retreat option  quite a bit!  Please contact us with any questions as to how exactly you are likely to be situated if you are selecting a shared room or bed option as we are happy to walk you through the options.  Trust us- the retreat is WAY worth it if this is the only option left when you book.  Otherwise you can choose a couch or bring a sleeping bag and find your space!

How will I know what to bring on the retreat?

You will receive a full Welcome Packet at the end of March that will walk you through a detailed look at the daily activities and such information as weather in the area, access to the majestic space and what to bring.  We can tell you now (because it's been asked already) that you may bring a bathing suit for enjoyment of the hot tub, sauna and/or pool but that is not mandatory.  We will also send you a survey approximately one week after you register so you may share such things as any current allergies to consider or if you would like help arranging travel plans.

Is there anything I need to know or read prior to the retreat so I am ready for the discussions and meditations?

Not necessarily- you are free to come as you are and we will meet you in that place.  Leah has a strong background in quantum physics and in spiritual teachings such as "A Course in Miracles", "Law of One", "Impersonal Life", the "Holy Bible", the "Bhagavad Gita", the teachings of Neville Goddard and more so having a base understanding of these teachings might make it a quicker process but is absolutely not necessary as everything will be discussed at the level of each person's understanding. Derick is also well-studied and has a depth of understanding on philosophical and mystical teachings.   ONE IMPORTANT NOTE:  if you are interested in getting the most of your astral travel practice on the retreat, the following resources are highly recommended:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:  "Adventures Beyond the Body" by William Buhlman (Amazon affiliate link for the book here- we get a couple pennies from your purchase):

Click Here to Purchase Astral Travel Reference Book

You may also enjoy this three part series for free on YouTube called "Leave Your Body in Three Days" (this is the first video of three):

What are the closest airports to the magical mansion?

The property is easy to reach either by driving or by flying into one of the following airports:

  • Asheville Regional Airport- AVL (50.5 miles)

  • Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport- TYS (55.5 miles) and

  • Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport- GSP (68.8 miles)


Driving distance to the property is as follows (approximately):

  • 10 Hours from Chicago

  • 7.5 Hours from Indianapolis

  • 6 Hours from Cincinnati

  • 2 Hours from Atlanta

  • 75 Minutes from Asheville

What is the best way to get transportation from the airport to the property?

Once we have most of the flight information for the other guests, you will have the ability to join a shared group on the Signal app to connect with others for shared rides from the airports, if possible.  We are also happy to help you get in contact with others flying into the same airport on the same day as your flight arrives.  Of course you are welcome to rent a car as there is plenty of parking onsite.  From Asheville, Uber is approximately $100 each way depending on the time of day.  Airport shuttles are available for approximately $80 per person or a shared vehicle for six is approximately $200 ($34 each).  We are happy to help you arrange your transport if you'd like assistance.  You will receive the full address to the property with your Welcome Packet.

If I'd like to extend my stay, what is there to do around Franklin, NC?

Franklin is adorned with great views and hiking with waterfalls, mountains and rivers, lots of gem mines, a beautiful performance center (a spiritual ballet performance is there on the 6th of May), restaurants and breweries and more.  You are also only a little over an hour away from Asheville which is known for its beautiful scenery and artsy, healthy vibe.  Asheville is also home to the famous Biltmore Estate, America's largest home sitting on over 8,000 gorgeous acres.

Will I be able to record the sessions?

Recording is not permitted as we would like for you to be fully present for your and the other participants' highest benefit.  We ask that you do not bring your phone into the sessions at all.  You will have time to check your phone between sessions or you may leave the room if you need to make a call.  We will provide you with an emergency phone number that you may give anyone who may need it and we will have the ability to grab you from a session if there is an emergency.  We have gone to multiple retreats as participants without phones and it is so much better for us to step away from the world for a while if we can.  This retreat intends to lift us to a space that is beyond this world so we can function in the best way once we reintegrate :).  Please note that though we don't permit recording, we do want you to take as many notes as possible and you are welcome to share information you learned with anyone you'd like to (not publish it please but definitely these are secrets we'd like to get out)!  Pictures between sessions are fully permitted with the consent of those in the photos.

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