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Meet the Level-Up
Transformation Team

Here are the stories we've created so far:

Having played eight years for The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters, Derick knows what it takes to perform at an elite level. After realizing that it was his responsibility to cultivate this seed and make it grow, he set out on a mission to teach others. "I am here to help you go from good to great to elite. Maybe you’re a professional athlete trying to increase your performance?  Or perhaps you’re just trying to get to the best version of yourself. Whatever it is, the state of your mind will be the determining factor in your ability to reach it."

Derick has experienced challenging moments in his life. From experiencing his awakening at a rapid rate in 2020, Derick has been on a mission to help human beings remember what they were before they forgot. Derick now focuses on helping individuals to better understanding the nature of reality both in their inner world, and in their outer world.  He reflects on the fact that his belief, faith, and focus on his dreams were what helped him through the past challenging times. In His TEDx speech Minding Your Mind: What the great ones don’t tell you, Derick spoke about the importance of cultivating your mindset just as much you develop your skillset. 

Derick is now living his passion; helping people realize their hidden potential. He has successfully developed a coaching firm that helps people gain an elite-level mindset by fully realizing their infinite potential. His mentorship has produced Professional athletes, Elementary school teachers, CEOs of corporations amidst others.

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Leah was working as a corporate attorney at a "big-law" firm in 2014 when she was given the gift of Lyme disease that took her to the point of wishing for death and even contemplating suicide.  She realized that she had to do something to find peace and enjoy life again even when she was told she'd never get her life back.

Through brilliant Divine guidance, Leah was led to a clinical trial for an anxiety relief device and after just a few days of what was essentially meditation, Leah found that both her crippling anxiety and her physical Lyme symptoms were completely gone and she actually felt joyful.  Leah immediately befriended and meditated with Buddhist Monks in her area and travelled to Sri Lanka with them to practice meditation in depth. 

After years of traveling around with various scientists and teachers and much study and practice, Leah has developed an understanding of the philosophies and practices of self-development and an ability to channel an inner wisdom available to us all.  It is now her passion to help others break down seemingly complicated guidance and live truly free, MAGICAL lives.

Leah is a trained Silvers Healing Modality practitioner and is certified in Reiki.  She is also a regular astral traveler and leads many retreats and groups including those for "A Course in Miracles" and various other forms of inner work, meditation and life coaching.  Leah owns multiple businesses including an organic cafe and a holistic wellness center and has six awesome kids. 

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Lisa has travelled coast to coast teaching and sharing art for more than 22 years.  In Lisa's own words:

I believe artistic ability is a common thread, something in which to believe.  Understanding the innate creative presence within allows for the natural unfolding to follow.  I am lucky enough to have discovered this through drawing, painting and ceramic work.  I encourage all to investigate artistic means, whether through gardening, cooking, interior design, sewing, writing, hair, clothing, singing, acting, etc., etc., etc.! Find your way to be creative!

Don't just take our word for this awesome team.  

See what others have had to say after working with them:

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"I had no idea how much this remarkable woman [Leah] would change my life forever. Judgment is not in her vocabulary. She is an educator of the soul; a woman beyond space and time.  I'm happier now than I've ever been. Miracles come with names and hers is Leah."  - Shirley N. (Author)
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