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Our massage therapists are some of the best in the business. We are proud to offer you what many guests have emphatically stated to be the best massages of their lives. This is not an exaggeration, this is what we strive to provide every guest that lies on our tables. Enjoy many styles of massage available at Salternative from Swedish or Deep Tissue to Vibrational, Couples, Pre- or Post-Natal, and Hot Stone. 

We use only the highest quality essential oils within our facility. You may choose to incorporate an essential oil to make your massage experience even more special. 



A vibrational massage is performed while fully clothed and employs vibrations as a part of its therapy. It can either be a whole-body massage or a localized massage. Wherever performed, one is true of a ‘vibration massage’: it has numerous health benefits.


  • Increase your bone density

  • Decrease muscle, joint and back pain

  • Relieve stress and reduce its negative effects on the body

  • Boost digestive health

  • Increase flexibility

  • Improve circulation

  • Promote relaxation.

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We are proud to offer our expectant and new mother clients pre- and post- natal massage treatments. Let us take amazing care of you during this special time as it is our pleasure to pamper you. Our therapists will ease sore muscles and induce the relaxation and relief you deserve. Pair a massage with a float session for the ultimate in feeling amazing both before and after baby's arrival.


Massage Pricing

Massage Services

Single 60-Minute Session:  $119

Single 90-Minute Session:  $169

Single 120-Minute Session:  $209

Vibrational 60-Minute $169

Vibrational 90-Minute $239

Specialty Hot Stone 60-Minute Session (traditional or salt stones):  $139​

Specialty Hot-Stone 90-Minute Session (traditional or salt stones):  $189

Massage Packages (additional investment for specialty massage)
Three 60-Minute Massage Sessions:  $299 ($58 Savings)
Five 60-Minute Massage Sessions:  $525 ($70 Savings)


Three 90-Minute Massage Sessions: $487 ($50 Savings)

Five 90-Minute Massage Sessions: $795 ($100 Savings)

Massage Monthly Programs*

Program includes many perks like complimentary salt room sessions,

special discounts and more!

One 60-Minute Massage / Month:  $80

Two 60-Minute Massages / Month:  $150

One 90-Minute Massage / Month: $120

Two 90-Minute Massages / Month: $220

*Monthly Program require a minimum 3 month commitment. After the initial 3 months the program has a month to month term and may be cancelled in writing with a 30 day notice.

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