Salternative is a beloved holistic spa in Geneva, IL and we are are ready to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

We offer a thoughtfully and thoroughly researched collection of treatments and services to bring tranquility, calm and relaxation into your life. Our experienced team of professionals, therapists and practitioners has been hand-picked to ensure a warm welcoming experience with a holistic approach. Please peruse a selection of services we offer below and reach out to us with any questions you may have!

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Float effortlessly inside one of our spacious pods on top of ten inches of water with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts dissolved inside creating a buoyancy and environment that help to relieve pain and physical and emotional stress and improve sleep, mood and overall health and well being.



Breathe in minuscule pure salt particles to improve respiratory function, blood pressure, sleep and more while relaxing in our zero gravity chairs and soaking up those beneficial negative ions from the surrounding Himalayan salt. The tranquility and ease you feel in our Salt Room carries with you even after you leave our little salty oasis of bliss.

A wonderful, and our most popular, Salternative experience.

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Bask in soothing and detoxifying infrared rays in our spacious (it fits up to four people), EMF-free, cedar infrared sauna. Our infrared sauna's rays penetrate the skin for maximum effectiveness during your private session. Enjoy one of the best health inducing services available today.

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Our massage therapists are the best in the business.  Each fluid stroke will have you melting into relaxation and bliss.  Aches and pains are but a faint memory after one of our professionals works her or his magic on a tired, sore body. Come experience what many of our client's have described to us as "the best massage of my life" (especially paired with a float or sauna experience). Many massage styles are available including our coveted CBD massage.



Our light bed is filled with specialized red, blue, UVB and UVA bulbs designed to aid the body in creating its own highly usable vitamin D. Our clients have also reported finding amazing relief from such skin ailments as eczema, psoriasis and more. Known as our "Happy Bed", our light bed has been shown to induce an overall feeling of joy combating the gloom that may result from our area's tendency to create less sunshine during certain times of year.


NEW ADDITION: DreamSpa Light Therapy. Enjoy a sequence of lights as they flash across your head to send your mind and body into relaxation and rejuvenation. Invented by NASA, our DreamSpa is a unique service not offered anywhere else and is a must-try on your next visit to Salternative.

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Our highly skilled Chinese Medicine Practitioner applies techniques from various Eastern traditions such as Acupuncture, Fire Cupping, Moxibustion and more to ease anything from chronic pain to general health or even cosmetic concerns.



Reflexology is the practice of nurturing each of the organ systems through the feet and occasionally the hands. We have had clients with chronic migraines or other chronic pains walk away with significant relief after only one session with our highly trained professionals. Your feet will feel singing but your entire system is affected and may relax into flow and harmony. A truly amazing experience with gifted therapists we are proud to showcase.

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Reiki is a massage for the soul. Our highly trained practitioners work with light to no touch as they guide your energy body into release and flow. Most clients report feeling an unmatched sense of relief and calm. Reiki is an essential component to any self care routine.

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Our coaches have trained all around the world learning the most effective techniques to help you create the life of your dreams. Go beyond the stressors with a full set of tools to live in true happiness and achieve all you would like to achieve in health, wealth, relationships, business, you name it. We have experience and proven results and you owe it to yourself to invest in your full potential .

Aromatic Oil


Our AromaTouch therapy utilizes multiple therapeutic grade DoTerra essential oils along the spine and feet in a specific order to help increase relaxation, immune function and energy while creating an overall sense of calm and ease.

Spreading wellness, joy and peace is our pleasure and it's this fundamental yet profound principle that we practice daily. Although we've adopted the model of a spa, we encourage you to think of this space as your home, a special place to relax and feel at peace when the stressors of life push you to any level of dis-ease. Come here as you are and allow us to accept you and take care of you the way you deserve to be taken care of and treated. Nearly all of our guests become friends by choice and we'd love to welcome you to the family. If you do not see a service listed that you're interested in, please call us and we will try locate a practitioner for you through our many wonderful contacts and connections in the Health & Wellness Industry.




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