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Reflexology is the process of pressing and massaging points on the bottoms of the feet to create balance and relief throughout the body via the nervous system. Reflexology is based on the understanding that the nerves in the feet contain a "map" of the entire body. When direct pressure is applied to these reflex points, the corresponding areas in the body are stimulated, cleared of congestion and the healing process may be enhanced. You will leave your treatment feeling blissful and may even feel relieved of various discomforts in the body.  It's a wonderful treatment enjoyed by all who experience it!


Possible Benefits of Reflexology

  • improves nerve function

  • boosts energy

  • increases circulation

  • eliminates toxins

  • reduces headaches

  • helps in relaxation

  • relieves pain

  • promotes sleep

Reflexology Pricing

60-Minute Session:  $129

90-Minute Session: $169

Reflexology Packages

3 60-Minute Sessions: $290

5 60-Minute Sessions: $550

3 90-Minute Sessions: $399

5 90-Minute Sessions: $629

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