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AromaTouch™ Technique

The AromaTouch™ Technique is a specialized essential oil intensive service that provides the benefit of carefully planned essential oils gently spread along the spine and then methodically rubbed into the back and feet in a manner to cause deep relaxation and relief that will have you melting into the table beneath you. This technique uses doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. This service is not a massage and does not include any muscle tissue manipulation. We apply specific oils with a specific purpose in a way to help you not only enjoy all the benefits of the essential oils themselves but also a soothing experience that leaves you refreshed, relaxed and energized all at the same time!

Essential Oils Used in Our AromaTouch Service Include:

ATT oils.jpg

Benefits of AromaTouch™ May Include:

  • improved blood flow and oxygen levels

  • better distribution of oil to tissue

  • reduction in stress levels

  • boost in immune system function

  • relaxation

  • reduction in inflammation

  • elevated mood

  • detoxification

AromaTouch™ Pricing

One 30-minute session:  $79
Three 30-minute sessions:  $165
Five 30-minute sessions:  $275

One 60-minute session: $149

Three 60-minute sessions: $375

Five 60-minute sessions: $550

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