Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are one of the most effective detoxification tools available today. A standard in any health regimen, infrared sauna have the unique ability to go beyond the surface of the skin to heat the body's cells directly to allow the cells to release certain toxins more efficiently than most any other modality. Traditional saunas heat the air and then the body gets hot and sweats. Infrared saunas have the unique ability to utilize most of their energy to heat the internal body directly instead of just the surrounding air leading to a tremendous and possibly significant health benefit.

Benefits of the Infrared Sauna May Include:

  • significant removal of toxins from the body

  • boost in immune system function

  • decrease in blood pressure

  • pain relief

  • increased metabolism, weight loss 

  • relaxation, stress reduction

  • improvement in skin appearance

  • improved sleep

Infrared Sauna Pricing

45min. Single Sauna Session for One Guest:  $35

$10 Up-charge for Each Additional Guest.

45min. Infrared Sauna Packages

One Guest, Five Sessions:  $150

One Guest, Ten Sessions:  $250

$10 Up-charge for Each Additional Guest.

45min. Infrared Sauna Monthly Program*
Program includes many perks like complimentary salt room sessions,

special discounts and more!

One Guest, One Session/ Month: $29

One Guest, Two Sessions/ Month: $50

One Guest, Four Sessions/ Month:  $89

$10 Up-charge for Each Additional Guest.


*Minimum 3 month commitment. After the initial 3 months, term is month to month. May be cancelled after the minimum commitment in writing with a 30 day notice.


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