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3 Salt Room Sessions in 30 Days for $49!

Intro to Salt Room Healing: Three Sessions for Just under $17 Each!

You've heard about all those amazing benefits that come with halotherapy but haven't tried it yet- well come on in and breathe deeply for a drastically discounted intro rate!  

We know that initially, the salt room has its best benefits after just a few sessions. This intro-trio is designed to get you to that place of improved relaxation and overall health within just 30 days. We look forward to your enjoying this fantastic experience soon! 

 Any unused sessions will expire after 30 days of initial session. Only one intro package per person. Package may not be shared or transferred.  Package has no direct monetary value and may not be returned or exchanged.  

Purchase the package by clicking the button below and selecting Salt Room from the drop box in our online store or by calling us at 630-845-3333.

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