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Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force – the flow of energy within us. This flow may be disrupted by the stress of everyday life, our less than beneficial thought patterns, trauma and more. This imbalance may be reflected in the body and is said to manifest as physical malfunction, unhappiness and disease. Reiki is the practice of channeling our readily available healing energy to allow that energy and our lives to flow with ease. Reiki may be enjoyed alone or used as a non-intrusive complementary therapy to most any treatment.  You will leave feeling as if your soul received a massage and the effects are usually very long lasting.  We believe and clients agree that Reiki sessions should be received as often,
if not more, than massage.  Come in and see why!


  • reduced levels of stress and anxiety

  • incredible feeling of calm

  • increased mental clarity

  • reduced frequency and intensity of headaches

  • relief from pain

  • reduction in inflammation

  • better sleep

  • increased feeling of well being

  • increased energy

  • more efficient body healing process


Our experienced practitioner will begin by tapping into your energy field to get an overall feel of your energetic balance. They will then use very light touch to no touch at all in certain sections of your body for up to a few minutes at a time. Much of the Reiki session will be spent with their hands a few inches above your body but you will still be able to feel the warmth from her hands. Our Reiki practitioners listen to the body for direction as to where to center the energy. Sessions are booked for sixty or ninety minutes but may run over as the practitioner is enveloped within the session more-so than the keeping of time. If you are unable to allow your appointment to run over, please tell your practitioner at the beginning of the session.

Energy Healing
Image by Lina Trochez


60-Minute Session:  $119

90-Minute Session:  $169

60-Minute Crystal Reiki: $150

Beginning with a guided meditation, this Reiki session utilizes the metaphysical properties of
Crystals to enhance your energy healing. Crystals are picked out specifically for each client. Session ends with a consultation and review of the crystals used. Client goes home with a list and explanation of the healing properties.

60-Minute Chord Cutting Energy Release: $130
This Reiki session uses Neuro-linguistic programming to help you visualize tangible characteristics to the situation you would like released. Reiki is then administered with intention of removing any negative or residual energies. Session begins with a guided meditation and ends with a consultation.

60- Minute Reiki Package

3 sessions: $320

5 sessions: $500

Reiki Monthly Program*

Program includes many perks like complimentary salt room sessions,

special discounts and more!

One 60-Minute Reiki Session / Month:  $80

Two 60-Minute Reiki Sessions / Month:  $150

*Minimum 3 month commitment. After the initial 3 months, the program has a month to month term and may be canceled in writing with a 30 day notice.

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