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Desert Road
Desert Road

Salternative's LEAP into the New You Retreat is 2/27/20 - 3/1/20

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A Comfortable, Casual Environment Featuring the Highest Quality Spa and Wellness Services

We welcome you to one of the area's top relaxation and wellness centers. Our facility is a comfortable, non-judgmental space that we hold for you to use as a second home, a quiet, tranquil get away that you are welcome to visit with or without a scheduled appointment. Our primary purpose is to provide our community with a place for peace and connection. Float into physical and mental bliss, breathe deeply in our salt room, release tension and toxins in our infrared sauna or melt into one of our amazing massages. Enjoy any of our many rejuvenating, relaxing and even healing services or classes, rent our space for your own classes or workshops, host a private party full of unique and awesome group services or simply hang out in our Relaxation Room where we offer a space for meditation, coloring or quiet conversation. We look forward to seeing you soon for your ultimate experience of peace and pampering.

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